Movin on Up! (…or out of the Country!)

That’s right you read that correctly! I originally began this blog in hopes that I would some day be able to use it to connect with family if we were ever stationed out of the Midwest and know that is happening!!! We are very excited to annouce that we will be PCSing to Germany this Winter! Things are still in the process, but we know we will be there in February.

This now means we are beginning to learn all that we can to prepare ourselves; such as learning we will not be able to use our everyday electronics there (…hence the Garage Sale piles I have been putting together for a couple of weeks now).

[Insert advertisement here GARAGE SALE THIS WEEKEND!!!! COME BUY OUR STUFF]

So I have HIGH hopes for myself that I will keep up with this blog during the moving process and be able to keep track out our move to help me in the trasistion when we come back in 4 years and possibly help other first timers, like ourselves, along the way!

Wir können nicht warten ! Ich wünsche ihnen einen wunderbaren Tag!


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