The Traveling Gormans

2016-02-04 13.05.24

Well we finally made it to February and that means MOVING MONTH! Our journey was a nontraditional, but not unheard of, route. Since we have pets, that are more like our children, we opted to drive our vehicle to Baltimore and catch our flight from there. We could also ship our car once we got there. This gave us time to get there at our leisure and enjoy the ride as we went.

Our first night was spent in Huntington, WV. We didn’t do too much that night because we were exhausted. We did venture downtown for dinner at Roosters. Cody was happy they had the Iowa State basketball game on and he had wings. Heaven in his eyes. On our way back to the hotel we got to see a few parts of Marshall University which was pretty neat!

Thursday was the final stretch to Baltimore. Most of the time I am guilty for falling asleep while Cody is driving, but every time I would begin to drift off there would be another mountain or some other sight that was dying for attention. It was definitely a breath taking ride that we enjoyed.

We were very glad that we booked an extended stay hotel room in Baltimore. Since we were there for a few days it was nice to have the small kitchenette and an outdoor area to take Leeroy out to run around some. This is something that I would highly recommend if you know you will be staying for more that one or two nights before a flight. Below are a few photos of us enjoying the room and the infamous chocolate cake that my Grandma Jones made us to take and enjoy on our trip. It ALMOST was entirely eaten šŸ˜‰

Friday we essentially spent the day trying to ship our vehicle over to Germany. Our trip up until this point had gone rather smoothly so when we got to the POV shipment place and finding out we were missing ONE PIECE OF PAPER we got a little frantic! Take notes people. If you are making payments on your vehicle you MUST have a letter from the bank/lender/ect. stating that you have permission to take your vehicle with you.Ā We misunderstood the paperwork in that even though we physically had the title in our possession we STILL needed the letter. We were lucky in that our lender got a fax sent to the shipping company before the end of the day, but nothing like setting our stress level to a new high!

Saturday was a day exploring Baltimore! We went to the National Aquarium, strolled through the downtown, and enjoyed dinner at McCormick &Schmick’s (were IĀ tried some local cuisine including the famous Marylan Crab Soup, or at least that was what the waiter told us)

SUNDAY was Flight Day! We spent the majority of the day at the airport. Cody did have to leave me there to get Glen a new carrier. Be SURE if you are traveling with pets in the cabin that the carrier can fit/squeeze under the seat. We needed a SOFT carrier for him so he would fit under the seat in front of me.Ā After Cody got back it was a lot of waiting until we were able to check in, then more waiting until we could check Leeroy in for his spot down below. After gettingĀ him settled we went through security and found some dinner. Our plane did end up begin about an hour behind schedule. But since the Superbowl was on there was at least something to keep us entertained.

The flight was around 6 hours (I think…) and was pretty cramped and loud since we got the pleasure to sit next to the engine. At least that drowned out Glen’s meowing and we didn’t bother all of the people around us! But, when we FINALLY made it we were the happiest people in the world ready for the new adventure that had just began!



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