Our New Home

12744737_10205912968485441_1531310158061117848_nHouse hunting was a new experience for Cody and myself, it was the first time we as a married couple were picking out a home to live in for the next 3-4 years. Before leaving the states I saw a post on Facebook about a house becoming available the week we arrived in Germany. We loved everything about it, but were still a little hesitant since we had only viewed it online. Once we got settled we contacted the landlord and drove out to see it. We fell in love all over again. It was a little further than we had initially thought we would live from Cody’s work, but that was the only thing that we were unsure about.

A few shots that I took while we were house hunting. And yes, we looked at a house that was on a buffalo farm. That was Cody’s #2 choice, I was worried about the summer time smells and the kitchen that looked like it belonged in a 1980 travel trailer.

The next weekend we set up a whole Saturday full of appointments to look at other houses and we just kept comparing them all to the first house. We then knew we had found our new home. The village is small and that is what Cody and I are used to and feel comfortable living in and we moved in the following Friday!

The blank canvas we were moving into along with Cody signing paperwork with our wonderful landlords!

We had shipped our household goods 2 months before we left so it was there waiting on us which was such a relief to know that we could move in and begin unpacking. It took us almost a month to really get everything unpacked, put away, and organized. I was SO happy to have my own pots and pans to cook with! Our temporary housing did have some for us to use, but they were nothing like cooking with your own things! We did have to wait about 2 weeks to receive our appliances (washer, dryer, microwave, american size refrigerator, wardrobes and 2 converters) from the lending locker on base. This meant spending a Sunday at the laundromat, buying a cheap coffeepot, and life without a microwave! We survived non the less and have officially made this little house a home! Here are a few snap shots from around the house as I have begun the decorating process! Don’t worry there will be MANY more images to come!



One thought on “Our New Home

  1. Thanks for all your updates – I really enjoy seeing the countryside and your home. I’m glad that you have made the trip safely and that you are getting settled and making your “nest”. Best of the luck to you and keep up the good correspondence.

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