Breakfast Burritos


This is a tried and true recipe at the Gorman Household. I make this almost weekly for my picky eater of a husband and wrap them individually to freeze them for an easy grab and go breakfast for him in the mornings.(…no I sadly still not a morning person, even after the time I have spent opening a coffeeshop morning after morning)

This recipe will make about 10-12 burritos, give or take how much you fill your tortilla. If I were to make these for me the recipe would include MANY more ingredients, but I am to please Cody’s taste buds.

I first start off frying two pounds of bacon. Bacon can also be baked at 350 degrees for about 10-15 min. You want the bacon to be CRISPY! I try to use turkey bacon since it is much healthier and cheaper, but this time we will be using thick cut bacon because it was on sale at the commissary last week. After all of the bacon is cooked, pat with paper towels, crumble, and set aside.

Next, the hash browns. I have recently started to shred my own potatoes since out landlords are farmers they give them to us, but I literally ran out the day I planned to make these so I bought some, but either will work great. If you fry your bacon feel free to use some of the left over grease to fry the hash browns in, but if not a little olive oil in the bottom of the pan will work too!

I use about 5 cups of shredded potatoes and season them with: salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Slap Yo Momma seasoning (Cody likes a little kick!). This is were you can get creative and add other seasonings and/or veggies (bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, ect.) I don’t have an exact measurement for the seasoning but I make it look the photo below and it turns out perfect every time.

Cook until golden brown and add to the bowl with the bacon crumbles.


Then I scramble 2 dozen eggs. THAT’S RIGHT… 2 dozen! I have been lucky enought to find that eggs from the local grocery store to us has local, fairly cheap eggs which is great for us! IMG_8444

Add the eggs to the hash browns and bacon. Mix well. Then add 2 cups of fine shredded cheese and REALLY mix it up! It should look something like this:


Now that the filling is done it is time to roll up the burritos. I choose parchment paper to individually wrap them before freezing. We tried using all different types of wraps, but the parchment paper seemed to hold up and heat well with the burrito.


Rolling the burrito can be tricky. I have also tried MANY different brands and the one that I have found to work the best is Casa de Amigo brand that I find at the Ramstein Commissary. I have yet to find any on the economy that hold up well.

Start by putting the shell on top of the paper, I put a large scoop that covers about 1/3 of the tortilla, then fold in the sides and roll! After I have them all rolled I place them all in an air tight container and into the freezer they go! He heats them in the microwave for about 2 minutes! Enjoy!

Breakfast Burritos

2 lbs bacon

2 dozen eggs

5 cups shredded potatoes

2 cups shredded cheese

1 package of flour tortillas

salt and pepper to taste

Cook and crumble bacon. Set aside in large bowl. Brown shredded potatoes with seasoning using olive oil, the add to the bacon crumbles. Scramble the eggs and add to bacon and potato mixture. Add cheese and mix well. Fill and roll in flour tortilla. karley




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