Day Trip to Heidelberg


This past weekend we took advantage of what the military calls “family weekend” and took a day trip to Heidelberg. All I have to say is what a fun city!!! If any of our family and friends come to visit this will be on the list of places to see!

The day before we left I scoured the Ramstein wives pages and googled all of the best things to do and see while we were there and I for some reason felt super nervous. I guess it is my prepared and organized personality setting in that was the cause of my list making, but it became handy (even if the list DID get lost until we parked in the parking garage at our destination!) Nonetheless, I at least remembered the parking garage that was right next to the Funicular to get to the top of the hill to the castle. We parked in the BEST place, the P12 Garage Kornmarkt/Castle. We went to this link as we arrived in town to make sure there were spots available:

We got out ticket to the top and we were off! Read about the funicular here.

Once we made it to the castle we bought our tickets for the tour. It was about an hour wait so we found Cody a pretzel to snack on (if you haven’t figured it out by now he LOVES being in the land of Pretzels!) and we made out way around the grounds taking photos as we went, then it was time for the tour. Our guide was very educated and we learned alot about the castle’s history. We were also able to go through different rooms and see some of the original statues during the tour.

*Feel free to click on the photos to make them larger

2016-04-09 11.41.26

After the tour we found Das Deutsche Apotheken Museum (in English, German Pharmacy Museum). Neither Cody or I have any background in medicine, but it was still neat to walk through and see the history.



We also found the LARGEST wine barrel! This thing was HUGE! It was hard to get a photo of since it was in a dark room. But imagine a barrel that has stairs built up, over, and around it! Crazy!!!

2016-04-09 13.33.46

After checking out the barrel we decided it was time to head into town to explore and find some lunch. We opted to walk down the hill this time… whew! It was a tricky walk on the cobble stone, but we made it!

Venturing into town was fun and we were a little more relaxed knowing it was a tourist town of sorts. We took a stroll around the downtown area checking out the vendor booths set up on the around the church in the middle of town, the little shops, and found the Lindt chocolate store. We stopped for a hot chocolate because…. well why wouldn’t you?!?! Then we found a little restaurant to eat a late lunch at called Bier Brezel. It was yummy!

2016-04-09 14.18.54 HDR

The last part of the day we walked to and accross the bridge from downtown. A photo op for me really, but we did need a little extra exercise after our treat and the Lindt store!


This was a great first day trip for us. Like I said it was very tourist friendly so that made it nice and it was only about an hour and a half drive! We did take Cody’s smaller car since we did not know how parking would be there, but there were parking spots for larger vehicles (yes, my Ford Fusion is considered a boat over here!) We did find out that you can take the train as well! But, for us this was the perfect option. Hope you enjoyed the photos!



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