Tulip Time

Spring is here and everything is blooming! I always remind my husband that it is ok to bring me flowers just because and for no reason at all. I guess all of that reminding finally set in…

He came in from work just like any other day and he commented that I had been out working in the garden then said, “did you plant anything in that yellow pot Karsyn painted on the porch?” I said I had planted seeds for flowers in it the other day and he replied, “I think there is something in it…” I was excited and walked out in hopes to see some seedlings sprouting, but found this instead!

2016-04-11 18.56.52 HDR-2

Sometimes I have a sweet husband… Thankfully they sell these beautiful fresh cut bouquets on the way home work.

And of course the photographer in me had to snap some better photos of them… 🙂




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