2016 German Garden

So, my husband likes to remind me ALL OF THE TIME that I have a black thumb. I am out to prove him wrong this summer! I have successfully planted, from seed, little baby plants that are GROWING Y’ALL!


I started with lettuce and peas outside and planted tomato plants inside. Both were doing GREAT, then it was time to plant the rest of the garden a few weeks later.


We added a quick fence around the garden simply because the dog was having trouble understanding that it wasn’t part of the yard. I also added bamboo stick for the peas to begin to grow up and will do the same when the green beans get a little bigger.

I now have carrots, cucumbers, green onions, zucchini, green beans, and pumpkins panted and starting to sprout!

The people that lived here before us said they used planter boxes to grow their tomatoes in  and left them for us to use. I am very hopeful that this will work! I have cherry tomatoes planted in one and the larger tomatoes panted in the other. I also have red bell peppers and jalapenos now growing inside as well and they are just now starting to pop up! These will go in the third planter box when they are ready.

One more photo of my trusty “helper” in the yard (and the reason for the fence around the garden) with his favorite ball!

IMG_8723I will keep you updated in the coming months of how the garden is doing! Wish me luck!



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