The Gormans Visit France!

Our first trip to France was a successful one! We spent the day touring WWI and WWII memorials and historical sites.

Our first stop on the bus was Verdun to the chapel and memorial in Fleury. IMG_9393


We then traveled on to the Douaumont Ossuary. This was a memorial for the soldiers who died on the battlefield during the Battle of Verdun. We saw the skeletal remains of 130,000 men fill up the alcove of the lower edge of the huge monument.





Next stop was Fort Douaumont. We took a self guided tour through the fort exploring the different rooms and saw some fun artifacts.


Cody is standing next to a 400 mm artillery shell and the other photo of the sign to the fort’s bomb dump. Right up Cody’s alley!

IMG_9465The HUGE gun turret! The guys all loved seeing this!

The next stop was for lunch. Cody and I decided we would picnic and take a little tour of The Trent of Bayonets. This was a memorial to the WWI French soldiers who died while standing up in the trenches, when the trench collapsed the tips of their bayonets where the only thing left. The monument was of a collapsed trench lined with crosses marked with “grave of an unknown soldier” and tips of bayonets sticking up from the ground.


We also had to endulge in some ice cream before getting back on the bus for the next stop and of course I FINALLY got a selfie with the hubs!


We then traveled to our last stop of the trip, the Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial. (…this is the sad part of the story. We got there just as they were closing!) We were able to at least go in and take a few photos before getting back on the bus to head home.


We have high hopes to revisit the cemetery to spend more time there in the last selfie before we hopped back on the bus to head back!




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