Burg Nanstein

The week we arrived to Germany I had heard there was a castle near by and on our way to look at our house for the first time I got my first glimpse of it! Since we moved here in the middle of winter we had a bit of trouble finding a nice day that … More Burg Nanstein

Our New Home

House hunting was a new experience for Cody and myself, it was the first time we as a married couple were picking out a home to live in for the next 3-4 years. Before leaving the states I saw a post on Facebook about a house becoming available the week we arrived in Germany. We … More Our New Home

Combining Worlds

Yesterday was World Photography Day AND National Aviation Day! I thought it would be fitting to photograph some of my surroundings so after delivering photos to a giddy bride, I grabbed my camera and took a cruise around base. These air crafts are new displays that were added just before the Air Show this summer. … More Combining Worlds