Hi there, I’m Karley! I am the wife to Cody and proud fur momma to Glen Henry, our fluffy kitty, and Leeroy, our handsome blue heeler.

My whole life (well maybe not my WHOLE life, but from at least from 8th grade year of high school) I wanted to be a portrait photographer. After graduating from the University of Central Missouri with my Bachelor Degree in photography, I jumped in head first and opened my very own photography studio in Clinton, MO. I began photographing families, seniors, kids, and my personal favorite: WEDDINGS!

My studio was growing and doing great and by year 3 I had been convinced (by my best friend and then business partner) that an addition to my storefront was the next step in my business venture. We renovated part of the downstairs portion of the building into a small coffee shop. At the age of 25 I owned 2 businesses and thought I was doing pretty fantastic for myself, but then unexpectedly I fell in love with and married a Staff Sgt in the Air Force who had orders to move over seas. I packed up my apartment and all of my photography studio, the locked the doors and handed over the keys to the new coffee shop owners and I was ready to move just in time for the orders to unexpectedly be cancelled.

There I was, a brand new wife, my life in boxes, and having no idea what would happen next. We ended up moving into base housing and working as an on location photographer with a small office in our home. This was the first step to really get back to the simple things of life that I really enjoy: trying new recipes and hosting our family and friends over for a meal, recreating and up-cycling old antiques to decorate mine and other’s homes, along with using them for fun props, and not only photography as my job, but also shooting for fun along with being able to write this blog for others to enjoy! 

After about six months of not knowing where we were going or what would be the next move in our lives Cody received orders to Ramstein AB in Germany were we now live! Keep up with us here to see a little inside of our new adventure across the pond!


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